this is a d-r-a-g-o-n. i know its from eragon but i couldnt find any good dragons on google. dragons come in different shapes and sizes. they have what is called a combustion chamber where they blow out a special chemisal in there body wich causes an explosion to make fire. this is located between their mouth and nose. there wings almost have feathers on the end of them. dragons are the most loyal creatures of all time. byfar my favoritest animal. it takes time for there wings to fully develop to fly.there sight is very vivid.


this is a g-r-y-p-h-o-n. they live in caves on the sides of mountains. they lay three eggs at a time. they are a mix of lion and eagle. they are stubborn. they fly above the clouds unseen. there pretty much my favorite animal besides the dragon….and liger.

eh look its me

this is me. i know it doesnt look like me but i shave.im only eating grass to regain my energy. i know everybody will think im awsome now because you know the secret. no autagraphs.

crazy monkey[hes my cousin]

this guy is my cousin. he has a mustachio because….i dont know why but its cool. he loves to sing. he practices all the time….especially on camera.he specialises on opra.

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